Healing through Homeopathy with Tara Framer, Homeopathic Consultant

Healing through Homeopathy
An Introduction to Homeopathic Remedies for Your Health

Learn more about homeopathy from Tara Framer, Homeopathic Consultant

Homeopathy – a system of dynamic, energy healing that helps the body restore balance and repel disease — can help you and your family maintain health throughout the winter months and beyond.

During her presentation, Tara will briefly summarize some fundamentals of Homeopathy and take questions. Then the fun and practical part of the presentation begins!  Tara will show you how to select the right remedy for your aches, pains and sniffles.

By the end of the evening, you’ll be able practice a ‘mini’ homeopathy session for your friends and family,  and sample a cell salt that can help you regain the balance you need to ward off illness, and feel more alive and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Schüssler’s 12 homeopathic cells salts (sometimes called ’tissue salts’ ) are very mild, diluted extracts from mineral sources, widely used around the world. They are great for home prescribers and expert homeopaths alike. In India, some homeopathic practitioners specialize use only these 12 remedies with all patients. Many British homeopaths suggest them as a supportive measure in between constitutional remedies, targeting specific physical conditions or systems.

Less is more- classical homeopathy – Joseph Feuerstein, MD

Homeopathy, Integrative Medicine & Your Questions

Last year Joseph Feuerstein, MD gave us a Q and A in front of a packed crowd at KSG. As a Physician who trained with Andrew Weil, MD and runs the Integrative Medicine Consultation program Stamford Hospital, Dr. Feuerstein understands the intersection between medicine, nutrition, and homeopathy. His approach is both pragmatic and Dr. Feuerstein will talk about Homeopathy, Integrative Medicine and then field any questions you may have.

Homeopathy is one of the more controversial alternative medical modalities, based on the work of 17th century German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. It espouses the theories of ‘like curing like’, ‘potentization’ and ‘provings’.  Dr Feuerstein will review the history, philosophy and clinical studies for the effectiveness of homeopathy as well as teach about some commonly used remedies.

drjoeJoseph Feuerstein, M.D., is Director of Integrative Medicine for the Stamford Hospital System. He studied medicine at the University of London and BusinessManagement at the University of Cambridge, England. Dr. Feuerstein completed a residency in Family Medicine at the Stamford Hospital/Columbia University Residency program (serving as the chief resident in his final year) and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, School of Medicine. Dr. Feuerstein is certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Clinical Acupuncture and is a licensed Homeopathic Physician in the state of Connecticut. He is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University.

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Date: February 24, 2016

Time: 6:30 pm

Place: Northern Westchester Hospital Center, Mount Kisco, New York