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Our members come from all over.  Some are integrative practitioners, therapists, work with alternative medicine, in their own business or just want to learn.   If you are a Member, you have the opportunity to put your information here so that people can learn what you do.

If you are here, please take a look at our members, their websites, maybe click on their links to get their emails, newsletters, like their facebook page, blogs or more.  It’s a great way for us to learn more about what we all do.

If you would like your information here, make sure you are a member, you can join by clicking on the paypal button and then click on this link to fill out your info .

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Work 111 East Main Street 400 E Main Street New York Mt Kisco Ny 10549 Work Phone: 914-241-1900 Website: http://riseaboveflotation.com


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