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Bonnie’s Herbals

Contact: Bonnie Rogers
Work 13 Tappan Terrace Briarcliff Manor NY 10510 United States Work Phone: 914-923-4346 Messenger: bonnie plaut rogers Skype: bonnie.rogers5 Website: Bonnie’s Herbals


Photo of Bonnie’s Herbals

Bonnie Rogers is an herbalist and health coach. She brings her extensive knowledge and experience to her busy practice, helping her clients with Stress and Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Gastro-intestinal issues that range from Acid Reflux to IBS and Colitis, Menopause and PMS symptoms to Sexual Pain and Dryness and so much more. In addition she works with Dogs and Cats to help balance their health issues such as gastro-intestinal, kidney, stress and more with food and herbs. Her goal is to help you and your pets use nutrition, herbs, balanced pH and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health and feel amazing.
Introducing BEMER Sessions in our Briarcliff, NY office

What Is BEMER Technology?
In simple terms, BEMER is a clinically-proven device that improves general blood flow in people and animals. BEMER technology enhances blood flow, and within the cells it increases oxygen & nutrient delivery and waste disposal. Your body relies on healthy levels of oxygen and nutrients as well as elimination of waste in the cells. Without the increase of nutrients and release of waste, your cells cannot work efficiently, resulting in less energy and increased acidity in the body.

It’s really simple. Sit or lie comfortably on the body mat for 8 minutes. It’s a simple as that. Depending on your health issues, small applicators can be applied to the area of concern for an additional 8-20 minutes.It’s so simple.
Wear your normal clothing, remove your shoes and relax.

Bonnie’s Herbals proudly offers BEMER sessions at her office at 13 Tappan Terrace, Briarcliff, NY 10510. (Westchester County) Your first session is free! Current special is Unlimited sessions for 3 week for only $200. Call today to set up your first appointment 914-923-4346

Bonnie can be reached at 914-923-4346. or by setting up a 15 minute get acquainted session by clicking here