Cindy Blum

Saundra Cindy Blum, MS, CHT, PLRT
Past Life Regression Therapist/ Ericksonian

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Phone- 914-420-9349
Saundra Cindy Blum for the last 26 years has brought her clients back, under hypnosis, to the root of any issue, fear, phobia, anxiety, depression, illness or relationships, to release any energetic blockages, held in their cellular memory and physical body. Loving her work she feels “ I am never surprised but always amazed at the quick, and deep healing my clients experience.”Saundra has published a book called Footsteps Through the Sands of Time- Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons that shares the stories, lessons and connections her clients healed from through her work. She has another book soon to come out, The Gift- Synchronicities Through Divine Intervention, that validates a clients 1920s lifetime down in Virginia which led to deep healing and forgiveness.Saundra is the co-founder of the Katonah Study Group, on the Advisory Board of Western Connecticut State University as well as a teacher there for a Past Life Regression Certification course. Saundra is also on the Patient Advisory Council Board at Northern Westchester Hospital. She has a private practice in Somers, NY.